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Sea forwarding

✓All types of containers

✓The best and safest way to ship

✓And the lowest cost on the market

If you are interested in sea forwarding for your containers, we can help you by providing freight consulting and assist you with road and sea freights. We ship containers all over the world and we are competitive with sea freight prices of our competitors. This way we assure you of the best service for the lowest price.

Sea forwarding globally

Our main goal is to provide sea forwarding of your containers from NWC (North West Continent) to any location in the world. The quality of sea forwarding is just as important as the product itself. That is why we provide insight into the process and where your shipment is located at every moment. In addition to export and import overseas, we especially take care of shipping your containers overseas to and from the Middle-East, considering that is our strongest sea freight area.

Feel free to contact us

Are you interested in sea forwarding? Do you wish to receive more information about global transportation and sea freight prices? Please contact us by filling in this form. You can also phone us at +32 3 502 75 33. Our experienced personnel is very flexible in opening hours and eager to answer any questions.

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