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Global road transportation

Moving your container is our mission!

We provide national and global road transportation by truck for your container transport.

Ocean Crown Logistics can assist with road freights for sea transport and we can cover most European Origins, fast and efficiently. 

We place the container wherever you prefer for loading or unloading. 
All types of containers for national, global and sea transportation

•    Box containers
•    Tank containers
•    Reefer containers with Genset
•    Reefer containers without Genset
•    ADR

Container Freight

Crown Logistics offers an exceptional service for an unbeatable price.

Full container load for transport

A full container load (FCL transport) means that the whole container is intended for one consignee. FCL transport is intended to designate a container loaded to its allowable maximum weight or volume. At our warehouse or on location, we are able to load full containers for FCL transport.

Less than container load for transport

Less than container load (LCL) is a shipment that is not large enough to fill a full container, and can be defined as "a consignment of cargo which is inefficient to fill a shipping container.
It is grouped with other consignments for the same destination.

Project Cargo

Crown Logistics offers a very professional project cargo handling service and effective solutions.

Crown Logistics can assist in turning your supply chain into a competitive advantage. We have proven experience in the following industries:

•    Automotive parts and aftermarket
•    Industrial manufacturing
•    Heavy equipment and machinery
•    Oil and gas field equipment
•    Just in time delivery (JIT)

As we still consider Antwerp as one of the most important ports for conventional cargo and sea transport in Western-Europe, we have specialised ourselves in assisting customers with FOB-deliveries.

Import and Export documentation

Fast and accurate

Our customs department has thorough knowledge of fiscal and non-fiscal customs rules and regulations about container transport.

We offer our customers accurate and fast customs clearance and can also supply trans-border customs solutions.


Transit documentation

Goods in transit are moved under bond locally and internationally.


Contact us about national and global transportation

Are you interested in global transportation, FCL and sea transport? Or do you wish to receive more information  about sea forwarding or sea freight prices? Don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in this form. You can also phone us at +32 3 502 75 33. Our experienced personnel work with very flexible opening hours and are eager to answer any questions about global transportation.


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